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FAQs buyers

Who can register as a buyer?
Please visit the site “register as a buyer

How do I register for atb_sales 2018
Registration opens in October 2017 and is exclusively online. After completing your online registration, you will receive a confirmation. Your local Austrian National Tourist Office will provide you with more details.

Please find more information on how to register here.

If I have individual preferences, to whom do I notify these, and how?
To notify us of individual preferences, please approach your atb_sales contact at the local Austrian Tourist Office. We will try to accommodate your needs, if possible.

How will hotel allocations be arranged?
The Austrian National Tourist Office in Vienna handles hotel allocations. Guests will stay in four- and five-star hotels. We try to situate guests from the same country in the same property.

Will transfers be available upon arriving in Vienna?
Regarding transfers/shuttles atb_sales follows a green attitude. Therefore all transfers will be made by public transport.

Which Austrian National Tourist Office is responsible for my area?
You will find a list of all Austrian National Tourist Offices, including the respective atb_sales contacts, here.

Can I bring a companion who is not attending the atb_sales?
Yes. However, you will be requested to meet the additional costs involved in upgrading your accommodations from single to double occupancy to accommodate the non-participating companion; the online registration tool allows the option to share your room with your companion. We strongly suggest you discuss the details with your atb_sales contact. Please note that additional guests can neither visit the exhibition nor any of the side events. The Austrian National Tourist Office will not cover any additional cost for accompanying guests.

Which side events can I look forward to attend?
You will find the programme here.

Is it possible to attend only part of the event or stay for only one day?
Unfortunately not. atb_sales has been designed as a total package, individual elements of the programme are coordinated with each another.

I would like to give you feedback on the event. How can I do that?
After the event attendees will receive an online questionnaire, inviting them to submit their feedback. Participants can use this online questionnaire to share their impressions and feedback with us.